Farmer Health

Farm Foundation is interested in pursuing projects that create practical solutions for all aspects of farmer health, including not just mental health, but also physical and financial health. Today, many farmers may not seek care because they are worried about being perceived negatively in their communities. At the same time, access to care can be a real challenge for farm families. Finding a provider for mental health and wellness services, for example, can be a challenge in rural areas—there may not be one nearby, and if there is, there is often a waiting list. In addition, many families may simply not be able to afford care.

The flagship project at Farm Foundation addressing farmer health is the Farm Family Wellness Alliance, which focuses on mental health and other wellness services. Other projects tied to farmer health are linked below, focused on areas such as socio-economic needs and early career resources.

Join the Effort

If your organization is interested in partnering with us on initiatives to create healthier farmers, farm families, and rural communities, please contact us.

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