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By fostering productive dialogue across stakeholders and generations, Farm Foundation amplifies and fuels promising ideas, driving toward practical solutions that will strengthen the food and agriculture system.

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Farm Foundation takes action, building the necessary momentum to achieve tangible results that address the major issues facing our industry, from farmer health and conservation to market development and digital agriculture. Learn more about our work here.

US and EU Food and Ag Trade

Practical Approaches to Circularity in US-EU Food and Agricultural Trade

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Emerging Research on Agricultural Policy and Diverse Farms and Farmers

Increasing Understanding of the Effects of Farm, Food, and Trade Policy on Socially Disadvantaged, Beginning, Limited Resource, and Diverse Farms and Farmers

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Data Interoperability

Interoperability is foundational to supply chain visibility in agriculture.

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U.S. Farm Households’ Social and Economic Needs and the Future of Agriculture

Closing the knowledge gap on how household challenges impact the farm business.

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Farm Households Conference